JPMorgan Chase, Consented to a Settlement of $18 Million

J.P. Morgan Securities, a division of JPMorgan Chase, has consented to a settlement of $18 million to address claims that it hindered retail clients in its advisory and brokerage services from reaching out to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding possible securities law breaches.

The SEC's allegations span from March 2020 to July 2023, during which J.P. Morgan Securities purportedly made it a common practice to request clients, who were recipients of credits or settlement amounts exceeding $1,000 from the firm, to enter into confidentiality agreements.

These agreements explicitly barred the clients from initiating contact with the SEC, effectively limiting their ability to report any suspected violations of securities regulations.

This action by J.P. Morgan Securities has raised significant concerns about the transparency and ethical practices within the financial advisory and brokerage sectors, particularly in the context of client rights and the enforcement of securities laws.


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