America’s First Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide Launches Mid-July: A Game Changer for Financial Advisors and BDs

In an era where wealth management is increasingly complex, we at the Wealth Advisor strive to make life easier for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Broker-Dealer (BD) advisors.

We understand the challenges you face, from the constant need for learning to the pursuit of new solutions to offer your clients. To help navigate this dynamic landscape, we’re proud to announce the launch of America’s first Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide in mid-July.

Last year, The Wealth Advisor conducted a survey that revealed a startling fact - 70% of financial advisors claim to have little to no knowledge about direct indexing. Despite this, there is a strong interest in learning more and integrating such offerings into client portfolios. To address this, we’re offering an effective learning tool that stands apart from traditional marketing methods: The Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide.

The Buyer’s Guide does not just provide information; it delivers unique value propositions in a digestible format. By partnering with us through our sponsorship program, your firm can leverage enhanced benefits over traditional content marketing methods. These include a customized firm profile, digital dashboards for immediate overview, lead follow-ups integrated with CRM, targeted earned media, dedicated email blasts, video interviews, and instant feedback.

Traditional marketing methods often fall short as they are perceived as self-serving or overly promotional. The Wealth Advisor has been a trusted third-party source for over a decade, successfully guiding advisors towards new product adoption. Our guides have educated and informed on a variety of topics such as ETFs, TAMPs, model portfolios, SMAs, advisor trust solutions, direct indexing, and emerging technologies.

The Buyer’s Guide, combined with the Dashboard and Earned Media, presents a comprehensive, unbiased comparison of various solutions. Our guide provides a compelling profile of your firm, emphasizing your unique strategy, approach, and authority. The Digital Dashboard delivers instant details of your firm, products, and marketing support. Whenever a prospect engages with your profile, you’ll receive an alert enabling immediate follow-ups.

Sponsors also gain access to qualified sales leads and activity flows, providing critical data to streamline the sales process. This data, accessible anytime in .CSV format, can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM or email automation platforms.

In addition, the targeted Earned Media feature offers your organization monthly exposure in a content channel article, disseminated via an email newsletter and posted on When a reader clicks your firm’s name, they are directed to your profile page, and you receive an email alert to follow up or schedule a consultation.

The Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide is set to revolutionize the way advisors understand and integrate direct indexing into their offerings. We believe that through education and an open platform for side-by-side comparisons, we can create a stronger, more informed industry.

To learn more about our Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide and how it can help promote your DI offerings to our audience of 330,000 RIAs and BD advisors, visit our webpage. Join us in this groundbreaking initiative and see how we’re transforming the landscape of financial advisement.

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