America’s Definitive Resource for Direct indexing Launches Today with the Direct Indexing Buyers Guide

The Direct Indexing Buyer's Guide, which aims to provide financial professionals with essential knowledge about direct indexing and connect them with direct indexing providers. The guide offers insights into leading direct indexing platforms, strategic insights for advisors, transparency on performance metrics and fee structures, and comprehensive understanding of direct indexing concepts and applications. Additionally, there is a state-of-the-art Direct Indexing Digital Dashboard™ available online for refined searches and real-time updates. The goal is to demystify direct indexing and empower advisors in the finance industry.

In a recent poll conducted by TheWealth Advisor, a trusted online news magazine for RIAs, brokerage dealer representatives, and other financial intermediaries, a startling revelation came to light. Despite 70% of its audience being familiar with the term "direct indexing", the intricate mechanics of how it can enhance client outcomes remain a conundrum for most.

Scott Martin, Wealth Advisor's Managing Editor, noted, "With industry powerhouses like Morningstar and Parametric making noise about direct indexing, it's no surprise our readership acknowledges its existence. The challenge, however, lies in going beyond mere recognition to grasp its intrinsic value and significance."

Challenging the topic’s understanding, The Wealth Advisor is elated to announce today’s launch of the Direct Indexing Buyer's Guide. This guide is more than just a repository of information; it's a bridge connecting financial professionals to the nuanced world of direct indexing.

Jerry Cooper, Publisher of The Wealth Advisor, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "The launch of our Direct Indexing Buyer's Guide is more than just a milestone. It's a game-changer. We're on a mission to empower advisors with essential knowledge, while simultaneously offering direct indexing providers a robust platform to connect with a vast pool of advisors, hungry for knowledge."

Diving deeper into the guide's offerings, advisors can expect a treasure trove of insights. Leading the charge in this Direct Indexing revolution are industry luminaries like Parametric, Natixis, and Russell, and the guide provides an unparalleled deep-dive into these trailblazers and more.

At the heart of the edition are crafted profiles of significant direct indexing platforms. For instance, firms such as Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions, recognized on page 22, and Alpha Vee Solutions, spotlighted on page 24, are celebrated for their distinctive offerings and competitive edge. CoinDesk Indices (page 25) and Morningstar Wealth (page 26) further showcase the diversity and dynamism of this burgeoning sector.

Strategic insights are abundant, empowering advisors to harness the might of direct indexing fully. Orion Advisor Solutions (page 28) and Smartleaf Asset Management (page 31) are just two of the luminaries’ helping advisors provide tailored solutions, foster enduring client relationships, and sharpen their advisory expertise. And for those curious about integrating Direct Indexing into their more traditional investing approaches, the likes of Vestmark Advisory Solutions (page 32) offer essential guidance.

Transparency is the guide's cornerstone. With data on performance metrics, fee structures, and other pivotal factors at their fingertips, advisors have a holistic view, whether exploring Syntax Data (page 32) or diving deep into Russell Investments (page 30).

Inside the guide, you’ll find out the nuances of direct indexing, clarifying the how’s and whys.

For the uninitiated, Direct Indexing: What Is It? (Page 4) breaks down the concept, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. As we progress, A Partner for Every Practice, an Index for Every Portfolio (Page 6) and Three Big Use Cases: Direct Solutions for Common Client Problems (Page 7) offer deeper dives into the broad applications of Direct Indexing. Topics like Tax Efficiency (Page 7) and Managing Concentrated or Legacy Positions (Page 8) address specific advantages, with firms like CoinDesk Indices (Page 25) exemplifying these practices.

Weigh the Operational Gains (Page 9) and Why This Is Happening Now (Page 11) focus on the timely nature of Direct Indexing's rise. These sections answer critical questions on why Direct Indexing has become pivotal now and how advisors, with partners like Morningstar Wealth (Page 26), can maximize its benefits.

Making the Transition (Page 14) is an invaluable section for advisors contemplating the shift to Direct Indexing. This, coupled with insights from sections like Once You Get Rolling: Life in the Direct Universe (Page 16) and real-life examples in Case Study: Indexing Around the Concentrated Position (Page 16), paints a vivid picture.

Further, topics like direct holdings make individual bonds meaningful again (Page 18), ESG Without Tears or Tension: Client-Driven Ethical Screens (Page 18), and The Great Wealth Transfer: Direct Indexing for the Estate Plan (Page 18) showcase the broad spectrum of applications and benefits.

Lastly, Busting the Myths: What to Tell Your Clients (Page 19) and Is This an “Arms Race” We Can Win? (Page 20) offer the much-needed perspective and confidence to tackle common misconceptions and doubts.

But the guide is only half the story. Complementing it is our state-of-the-art Direct Indexing Digital Dashboard™ accessible on line at It offers an intuitive experience for both seasoned professionals and those embarking on their digital journey.


With a long list of features, from refined search capabilities to spotlight features on updating in real-time as the financial landscape shifts and evolves. The Dashboard™ is designed for both the tech-savvy and the digitally curious, it facilitates refined searches, be it content.

As we stand on the cusp of this significant launch, we invite advisors and financial professionals to join us on a journey of discovery. Let's demystify direct indexing together and chart a course to a brighter, informed future in finance.


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