The RIA Redbook 2020 Sponsorship Guide



The Ultimate, All-in-One Guide for Top Financial Advisors and the Service Providers Who Support Them

Reach Over 195,000 Verified RIAs in One Place

RIA Redbook is a NEW guide designed to help advisors maximize all aspects of their business.

The first and only guide of its kind, it’s poised to become the ultimate resource RIAs and service providers will use to expand their knowledge, grow their enterprise, and acquire more assets under management.

  • Reach Top RIAs and Their Wealthy Clients: advisors in our network have wealthy clients, $1.75 million trust size among; averages trust fee starts at $6000 per year and up. 

  • Become a Trusted Resource for RIAs: Based on initial data, we project two-thirds of our RIAs will consult this guide before making key decisions. 

  • Build Your Brand and Reputation Among RIAs: This guide is limited to 30 providers who are focused on providing top-quality service to our RIAs. 

The RIA Redbook will be THE “go to” resource for high-level financial advisors who want to learn how to grow faster, find new service providers—and build new relationships. 

The RIA Redbook Caters to the Top 1% of Financial Advisors.

The average RIA in our audience manages roughly $146 million in client assets—more than 2x the industry standard. And 71% have not yet partnered with a single trust company and looking to form a new relationship.* 

*Based on Wealth Advisor 2019 survey with readers



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The RIA Industry: Growing Faster Than Ever

An RIA or registered financial advisor is a person or firm who helps high-net-worth individuals manage and grow their money. RIAs have what is called “fiduciary duty” to their clients, which is a formal way of saying that they must always provide advice and service or actions that are in the best financial interest of their clients. To be an official RIA, they must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities administrators.

Each year, the RIA Benchmarking Study from Charles Schwab, the largest of its kind in the industry, collects in-depth data from more than 1,000 registered investment advisors (RIAs) on all aspects of their businesses. Overall, the Benchmarking Study reveals that advisors of all sizes have realized tremendous growth, as seen in the strong results among key metrics over the past five years. Regardless of size, RIA firms continue to experience strong growth in three key areas: assets under management (AUM), revenue and clients.

About RIA Redbook 2020

This is the first time a guide like this has ever been created. It’s a complete manual for RIAs to fill in gaps in their knowledge, and master areas critical to their success. It covers dealing with banks, consolidators, private equity firms, clients, trust companies and every sort of relationship a modern RIA might have. 

In this brand new guide, you’ll find a detailed review how to maximize different aspects of the RIA business, whether you’re independent or institutional. This includes breaking away, investment solutions, turnkey asset management programs (TAMPs), trust services, building and managing a team or organization, outsourcing and more. 

For providers, this is the most direct way to reach a highly-qualified, fully engaged group of top RIAs who are very much looking for the services your firm provides. You’ll benefit from the decade of trust and relationship we’ve built with our audience of over 195,000 advisors, and begin your business relationship with them on the right foot. 


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Why the Nation’s Top Financial Advisors Are Eagerly Awaiting the Release of the RIA Redbook 2020:

There’s never been a guide that helps RIAs with every single aspect of their business. This includes dedicated sections that cover the following (note: this is worded toward appealing to RIAs, so you get a sense for why they are so excited about RIA Redbook 2020): 

BREAKING AWAY - Got an appetite for self-determination, independence and an opportunity to build equity in a sustainable business? If so, you’ll love this section about “breaking away” and moving toward the independent registered investment adviser ranks. Lots of tips and sage advice.  

CUSTODIANS - Asset custodians are the central players in the RIA business and choosing one is the biggest decision most financial advisors will make to build their business. But how do you choose the right one? Which factors should you consider? Who are the top providers? It’s all here. 

BACK OFFICE SUPPORT - One of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of business in the financial services industry is back office.  Billing. Accounting. Portfolio management. Transition services. Compliance. And more. It’s all covered here, including the best solutions we’ve found. 

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS - Should you outsource your investment management? Is a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) right for you? Learn how the best firms for supplying the investment infrastructure, services, and performance you need to keep your clients happy and business growing. 

MARKETING STRATEGIES TO BUILD AUM - It’s all about assets under management, and that comes down to how effective your marketing and sales processes are. This section will reveal some of the latest, most cutting-edge marketing strategies that are working for RIAs in the trenches now. The result? You’ll acquire new clients more easily and grow your AUM faster. 

YOUR IT PLATFORM - Most RIAs aren’t that passionate about IT services or the technology involved. And yet it’s a critical part of the business and overall success. This section of the RIA Redbook will offer powerful tips for avoiding IT mistakes—as well as referrals to the most reliable and cost-effective services in the industry. 

CLIENT RETIREMENT INCOME PRODUCTS - Today’s clients can look forward to a retirement that may last 30 years or more. They’re facing real challenges to make their income last over this longer horizon, including a magnified impact from inflation and healthcare costs. RIAs who have traditionally avoided retirement income products, like annuities, are now rethinking this approach and collaborating with firms in new ways that protect their clients.  

COMPLIANCE - Being a registered investment advisor isn’t easy. You’re working in an industry that requires strict adherence to a slew of complex and exacting guidelines. That’s why the RIA Redbook will have a dedicated section that’s all about recent compliance changes, mastering the landscape, and how to avoid any compliance disasters before they happen. 

TRUST SERVICES - Fidelity Investments' RIA Benchmarking study says that only 27% of RIA firms offer trust services to clients. And only 9% of RIA clients receive trust services from their advisers. But this is changing. And the RIAs who are knowledgeable and ready to integrate trust services will be light years ahead of their competition. Learn about the different trust models, top providers and more. 

SUCCESSION PLANNING - Most RIAs (and their clients) don’t take succession planning seriously enough. It's very uncommon among RIA firms to have strong, viable succession plans in place for their clients or themselves. This section about succession planning will change that. It provides proven strategies, best practices and trusted resources for maximizing the process of succession planning. 

These sections are just a taste of what will make the RIA Redbook 2020 indispensable to our 195,000 top RIAs, leading to higher engagement and a greater likelihood of wanting to work with your firm. 

This is why sponsorship is strictly limited to top providers.


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Why the RIA Redbook Represents the Perfect Audience for Your Firm

Nobody knows RIAs better. This ensures that your trust company’s core message and unique offering reaches those who are most likely to become customers.


Here is a bit more about our audience: 

Ideal Demographics

Geography: All America-based, top 1-3% income earners 

Sizable: Over 195,000 highly-responsive RIAs and financial advisors

Elite: Average AUM of $146 million+ (more than 2x the industry standard)

Ideal Psychographics 

Selective: (carefully consider important decisions, focus on long-term relationships)

Action-takers: (industry-leading open 18-25%, click-through 7-8% and conversion rates)



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$5000 - Sponsorship

  • Inclusion In The RIA Redbook Inaugural 2020 Edition
  • Full Editorial Support To Construct Unique Profile
  • Ranking Among The Top Providers For RIAs
  • Qualified Leads From Report Downloads
  • Multiple Lead Delivery Options
  • Inclusion In Industry Benchmarking Materials And Program


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