7 Ways To Add More Hours to Make More Money and Grow Your Business

Sep 12, 2018
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Over the past three years advisory firm revenues have shrunk according to a 2017 study by InvestmentNews Research sponsored by Pershing.

Advisors are hustling to meet payrolls and pay for new technology just to keep up with the competition.

More and more firms are cutting unnecessary staff and tightening belts to find money to attract new clients and retain old ones.

Now for the first time, The Wealth Advisor is presenting an intensive one-hour webinar sponsored by Lindner Capital Advisors to offer a roadmap on what it takes to cut the fat and to learn how to thrive again this year.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Determine the expendables. How to assess staff usefulness in terms of Productivity & ROI

  • Which service offerings can stay or go? Eliminate dead programs that don't add to bottom line or build enterprise value

  • Check your technology. Is it helping or hurting your AUM and ROI

  • How to spot an opportunity to outsource. What are the options? Marketing, technology or investment management?

  • Questions and answers with the presenters.

Registration is free, but, enrollment is limited. Secure your seat TODAY.

*1 hour of CFP CE credit available for participation, requires registration found on the webinar confirmation page sent after registration.