The 2017 Estate Planning Workshop

Oct 05, 2017





8:00 AM:  Registration, Introductions & Breakfast, Peak Trust 


8:30: Planning in politically uncertain, legally changing and economically turbulent times, including why the new Powell Decision is such bad news for family partnerships and ways to avoid it." Jonathan Blattmachr

The tax law has never been stable.  It is almost certainly going to change, but how and for how long is impossible to discern with certainty.  

The one thing that is certain is that clients should not fail to continue to plan.  This presentation will discuss potential outcomes affecting estate planning over the next many months and what planning opportunities can be taken without fear, risk or significant cost.


9:30 Trusts as Beneficiaries of IRAs and Retirement Plans: Steven Trytten

IRAs and retirement plans are a significant part of many clients’ estates. Trusts are often helpful in structuring the inheritance that is to be provided for the beneficiaries of an estate. Yet, designating IRAs and retirement plans to trusts can open up a number of technical issues. Learn how to navigate through these issues and implement trusts successfully in your clients’ estate plans that include IRAs and retirement plans. The presentation will include case studies and sample forms.


10:45 Coffee Break  


11:00:  Succession Planning: Hands on Exercise, Giant Worldwide


12:00 Lunch


1:00: Asset Protection Strategies & Considerations in Wealth Preservations Planning: Susan Smith & Gregory Gadarian 

This presentation will focus on the use of asset protection trusts and entities for tax and asset protection purposes.  After ATRA instituted high estate tax exemptions, inflation indexing and made portability permanent, tax  driven estate and asset protection planning requires focusing on state income taxes, fiduciary income taxes and long term capital gains .  Attorneys must now address balancing tax considerations against desired asset protection strategies as well as the legacy protection variations for their clients in an environment where both the federal and state tax laws are constantly changing.”


2:30 Coffee & Snack Break


2:50: The Key to Building Great Wealth and Preserving It: High, Consistent Tax Free Returns and How to Achieve ThemJonathan Blattmachr & Jeff Glickman

Artificial Intelligence is the topic of the decade becoming more important every day.  This presentation will discuss a radical new form of artificial intelligence: artificial super intelligence (ASI).  It will explain how it is being used to generate outsized returns on investments and how that can facilitate wealth building, estate planning and income tax avoidance.  This may be the most important presentation you hear this year.


4:50 Wrap it all up, Peak Trust  


COST: Early Registration $150 Expires September 1st. Regular rate: $250 


The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement.  This activity may qualify for up to 6 hours toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona. We will be providing Certificates of Attendance for those that want AZ CLE.  We have also filed for CLE in NV and will provide a Uniform Certificate of Attendance for CLE at our registration table at the workshop.  


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