Warren Watch: Katy Perry Asks Buffett Bitcoin Advice

Warren Buffett met another celebrity when Katy Perry came to town last week for a concert — or was it the other way around?

Her Instagram account showed the two chatting in Buffett’s office and noted that they talked about cryptocurrency.

Surely the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and the pop star talked about other things, too, but so far we have only this Buffett comment, relayed by his office: “She was very smart and very nice.”

Our musicologist, Kevin Coffey, reports that at the concert, Perry told the Omaha crowd that she had had lunch with “your governor, Warren Buffett.”

We’re not sure what Buffett’s advice was on cryptocurrency, but in the past he has said bitcoin, the most common type, is not a reliable medium of exchange because it’s not backed up by any national financial system.

In fact, he said, “It’s going to implode.”

Besides, when musicians start thinking about investing in bitcoin, that might not be a good sign.


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