Trump Touts Tax Legislation Benefits to Americans

President Donald Trump touted the benefits of the tax cuts he signed into law in December during a White House speech Friday, saying the entire country is benefitting.

Addressing an excited crowd in the East Room, Trump said the legislation has resulted in millions of Americans receiving bonuses, increases in pay, and additional contributions to their retirement accounts.

"The economy is indeed doing well well. Six months ago, we unleashed an economic miracle by signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms … the tax cuts is what got us there and that's what's really doing it," Trump said.

"The biggest tax cuts in American history. Now it's my great honor to welcome you back to the White House to celebrate six months of new jobs, bigger paychecks, and keeping more of your hard-earned money where it belongs: in your pocket or whatever else you want to spend" it on.

Trump thanked lawmakers and members of his cabinet who contributed to the tax legislation effort, including Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Some of the statistics Trump cited were a $2,000-plus tax cut for most American families, $3 billion in savings on utility bills, the lowest unemployment claims in 44 years, and a record low figure regarding African-American unemployment.

"Our country finally has a tax system that is pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-American," Trump said.

A worker from Florida and a business owner from Pennsylvania then gave brief remarks of how they are benefitting from the tax cuts.

"Common sense is being restored in Washington again. Hardworking Americans are in charge of their government once again," Trump said.

Trump also addressed America's steel industry, which has been impacted by the steel and aluminum tariffs the administration placed on imports from certain countries. The tariffs have been controversial, but Trump said U.S. Steel told him this week the company is thriving.

"Our steel industry is coming back," Trump said. "Never have they seen anything than what's happening."

Regarding trade policy, Trump said other heads of state have been calling him and asking to negotiate better trade deals.

"We are going to be the smart country again," he said. "Not the stupid country that was taken advantage of by everybody."



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