Political Fall-Out: Positioning High Net Worth Portfolios for 2016's Volatile Election Season

Dear Advisor:
Both Clinton and Trump are rated untrustworthy. Can you trust either to preserve your financial security? Leading experts say no.
The shifting political landscape will dramatically impact taxes, investments, and wealth planning. High net worth investors are already pulling back from stocks and risk assets. Some are converting their entire stock portfolios to cash.

A timely new e-book cuts through the fear and uncertainty and shows how to help your clients not only survive, but prosper.
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“POLITICAL FALL-OUT” gives you a needed strategy, whoever becomes president, to prepare advisors and their clients for the road ahead:

Revisit your goals to make sure your clients’ portfolios are allocated properly to provide liquidity, income and growth potential.

Prepare for possible short-term volatility.

Rebalance positions to lock in gains and reduce risk exposure going forward.

Ensure liquidity for short-term needs to support your clients’ present lifestyle.

Evaluate tax impact on clients when selling appreciated positions.

Re-evaluate estate planning for your clients, considering possible changes in the law.

Set limit orders to take advantage of market volatility.
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It comes down to this. Clinton embraces the policies of Obama. Trump promises a re-set. Whichever way it goes, “POLITICAL FALL-OUT” will help your clients avoid mistakes and position them to succeed. It is a must read.

It's time to enlighten your clients and begin this important conversation with this impartial, unbiased, and invaluable e-book: Download it here.

Your partner in success,

Scott Martin
Managing Editor, The Trust Advisor


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