The One Time You Can Justify Spending $1,045 on a Dog Bed

Once upon a time there was a Labrador named Cara who had a Styrofoam bed that was so noisy, it scared her every time she climbed onto it.

Luckily, her fairy godmother (all right, owner) was Sebastian Zweig, formerly the CEO at a high-end furniture company, who set out to solve this problem for Cara and all dogs.

The MiaCara Letto dayBed ($1,045) has raised side panels that resemble the curled edges of a leaf, giving pets a gentle sense of security. It’s also lined with a soft, washable, reversible mattress.

The Competition

• Similar in size, Labbvenn’s Loue bed ($520) shares raised sides, raised legs, modern design, and a quality foam mattress with the MiaCara. But instead of a tough, powder-coated aluminum frame, the Loue uses beech plywood.

• B&G Martin produces a wooden frame out of sturdier walnut ($745).

Its bed for small and medium-size dogs has a stylish midcentury modern look but doesn’t come with a mattress.

The Case

MiaCara’s “dog-centered” design has subtle benefits: Its high-end yet hardy materials are a pleasant upgrade in a category often made to please humans, not dogs. It will stand up to scratches, odors, and accidents, and at more than 3 feet long, it fits most indoor breeds.

But for discerning caretakers, the appeal of this Red Dot Design Award winner is a silhouette that will mesh with contemporary decor. $1,045;


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