Mark Wahlberg is named most overpaid actor of 2017 by Forbes

Mark Wahlberg has been named the most overpaid actor in 2017.

On Thursday Forbes made the announcement, a valuation which included the performance of an actor's last three non-animated, large-scale movies released prior to June 1st, 2017.

A main factor contributing to the 46-year-old actor's poor showing was the fact that he raked in so much cash for his performances; indeed, Wahlberg made over $68 million pretax this year.

According to the publication's calculations, Wahlberg pulled in only $4.40 at the box office for every dollar spent on his services.

His low return numbers were fueled by several high profile bombs.

Back in 2016 prestige picture Deepwater Horizon, about the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill, barely earned back its $110 million budget despite fairly solid reviews.

Next up was Boston Marathon bombing picture Patriots Day, which earned a paltry $50 million worldwide against its production budget of $45 million.

Comedy Daddy's Home was a rare bright spot, and recorded a healthy $242 million in global box office receipts against a $69 million budget.

Of course in that case Wahlberg also had the benefit of co-star Will Ferrell's earning power.

The film even did well enough to spawn a sequel creatively titled Daddy's Home 2.

Batman Begins star Christian Bale, 43, was number two on the list with a $6.70 return on investment of $1.

His ranking was heavily affected by the Armenian genocide film The Promise, which was an epic flop which managed to earn back only 11% of its $90 million budget.

Coming in at number three was Channing Tatum, 37, with $7.60.

His rating was impacted by heist movie Logan Lucky, which failed to entice audiences.


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