Leon Cooperman Cuts Through Trump Noise: Capitalists In Charge

Leon Cooperman Cuts Through Trump Noise: Capitalists In Charge

Hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman is thrilled to see the market acting like it is being run by a bunch of capitalists.

"The most thoughtful people are not thrilled about the style of the president but they are very thrilled, myself included, regarding his economic ideas," the chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors told CNBC.

Cooperman said President Donald Trump has appointed many sane people to this Cabinet, and the ideas of repatriation, lower corporate tax rates and rebuilding infrastructure resonate well with the public.

"Who am I to tell him what his style should be?" Cooperman said. "He vanquished 16 opponents. A large portion ... of the population like his style. And very few people thought he was going to be elected president. Why should he listen to those who try to tell him to change his style?"

Earlier this year, Cooperman had said a surge of confidence entered into the system, since Trump's Nov. 8 victory.

After the House Republicans' failed health-care bill last month, Trump said the administration would move on a plan to broadly cut taxes.

Reducing tax rates was a central promise by Trump during his presidential campaign. Investors have had doubts about the time frame for a tax proposal, with some not expecting reform until next year.

Cooperman was concerned about whether the government can push a tax reform deal on a timely basis.

On Wednesday, Cooperman also said the bull market isn't in its early innings. He said the conditions that would normally signal a significant market decline aren't present.


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