Lawyer Sentenced To Three Years For Pilfering Estate Of Dead Judge

The sticky-fingered lawyer who used the estate of an esteemed Brooklyn judge as his own personal piggy bank was sentenced to up to three years behind bars Thursday, NY Post writes.

Frank Racano admitted to pilfering the estate of the late Brooklyn Judge John Phillips out of nearly $600,000, most of which he spent on a condo for his mother.

Phillips was known as the “Kung Fu Judge” because of his black belt — and his tendency to incorporate martial arts gestures into his jurisprudence.

Racano, who copped to third-degree grand larceny charges, wrote some 300 checks to himself from the judge’s escrow account after he was hired by family to handle Phillips’ estate.

Before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun sentenced Racano to 1 - 3 years behind bars, ADA Frank Dudis noted that the disgraced attorney had “repeatedly victimized the legacy of an esteemed judge.”

He also asked Chun to order that Racano pay $587,160.56 in restitution to Phillips’ family.

Defense attorney Samuel Karliner said his client had already begun paying back the amount.

Frank Racano declined to address the court.

“My uncle served as a civil court judge for 17 years, and the system he served so diligently has really let him down,” Phillips’ nephew, Rev. Samuel Boykin, previously said.


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