Headlines That Work

Clients always wonder what the key is to creating a successful email campaign. Specifically they want to know how to get people to open their emails and respond. The answer is conversion.

Chances are that you have , at one time or another, picked up a book  after reading the title. Then you may have flipped it over and read the back. Which caused you to reach into your wallet and pay someone between $10-$20 to purchase it. Simply stated you became a conversion because of a great headline and a good summary on the back of the book. To create conversions from your email campaign follow the same concept. Start with a great title or headline.

The only purpose of a headline is to make the prospect read your first sentence. It then takes a good first sentence to make the reader read the second sentence and the third, etc. But it all starts with the headline. So here are some great headline tips to get you started.

  • Words in quotation marks are read and retained 80% more often
  • Peak their curiosity.  By using a headline like: “Top 5 Secrets for Better Investments”
  • Educate your audience. “ Facts (you should know) about IRAs”
  • Create a sense of urgency by using words like Now, New, Discover & Breakthrough
  • Be specific. Example: “Investment Advice for the Single Mom”
  • Provide a sense of peace and relief by using words like “At last”
  • Answer their questions by using phrases like, “ How to design your ideal retirement” or "How would you like to lower your interest rate?”
  • Give them something for free. Try “ Download Your Free Benchmark Report”
  • Quiz Them. "Are you really ready for retirement? Take the Quiz."
  • Bring out their competitive side. “How do you stack up vs. other advisors?”













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