Harnessing the Power of Cognitive Computing for Marketing

Commentary on MarTech Advisor article by Rohit Roy 

Financial planners sometimes fret over the advent of robo-advisors, insisting that human interaction is still key to successful wealth management. But when it comes to marketing their practice, it’s time to embrace the power of technology, MarTech Advisor writes.

Marketing: A Data-Driven, Tech-Supported Job

Marketing is already incredibly dependent on technology due to its reliance on data, consumer choices and trends, the publication writes.

But the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning will drastically alter the landscape of how businesses interact with customers, particularly when it comes to marketing, according to MarTech Advisor.

Reaching Customers How They Want to Be Reached

By 2020, almost half of business analytics programs, for example, are expected to begin using cognitive computing – i.e., making devices and services more user-friendly, the publication writes.

Cognitive computing can aid marketers in delivering messages with contextual relevance, MarTech Advisor argues, and that in turn can make the response more relevant. As data is expected to double by 2020, and as all data becomes commercialized, it behooves marketers to embrace cognitive computing to remain competitive, according to MarTech Advisor.

Source: MarTech Advisor

Posted by: The Trust Advisor


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