The four simple tricks any traveller can use to fly business class

For many, flying in business class overseas is a pipe dream. 

However, to help make this dream a reality, Australian travel website, Skyscanner, has revealed how customers can nab the swanky seats for themselves - without the extravagant price tag. 

Here FEMAIL has revealed the top four tips jet-setters can follow to fly in style and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a relaxing holiday.

Bid for an upgrade in online auctions    

Many travellers are not aware that they can actually make a blind bid on a ticket upgrade as some airlines offer an auction system to economy passengers.

Unfortunately this isn't a definite way to receive an upgrade but if a passenger is successful, it is a very affordable way to get cheap business class tickets.

There are a variety of airlines that offer online auctions and there's also the option of paying for a fixed price upgrade when you check-in from most airlines.

According to Skyscanner, the formula for a winning bid is somewhat ambiguous with airlines keeping their results for winning bids under wraps.

For Qantas people only have the chance to do so once they've been invited by the airline by email and for Virgin Australia it is offered by email to selected passengers one week prior to departure. 

Carriers like Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific also offer online upgrade auctions.

Upgrade for free with frequent flyer points 

Those who fly frequently have the opportunity to receive free business class tickets by using points accumulated while flying. 

According to Skyscanner, both Virgin and Qantas programs allow points accrual on purchases other than flights, which can eventually be redeemed for flights.

Be aware though, you'll need to spend an awful lot of money before you're flying business class to London.

Airline branded credit cards are also another way to accrue points on purchases that can eventually be exchanged for flights. 

Wait for business class tickets to go on sale 

Another recommendation from the flight website is to wait for airlines to have special deals on their best seats.

The best way to find out about when these are happening is by subscribing to newsletters from a variety of airlines.  

Deals such as early bird special fares are often offered to subscribers and frequent flyers before anyone else.

It is also recommended that people follow airlines social media sites to keep track of any offers they may have. 

Dress nicely, be polite and travel alone 

Ms Harper said that it doesn't hurt for people to dress as though they're travelling in business class.

This is because she said if the opportunity arises to be upgraded, the airline will look at those who are better dressed and feel like they are an appropriate fit.

If people ask nicely whether there are any business class seats available when they check in they may be lucky.

These chances are even more likely if people are traveling solo as it is more likely that an upgraded seat will be available for one person rather than multiple. 


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