Doctors In Jeopardy: How Domestic Asset Protection Trusts Shield Against Medical Malpractice Liability

As malpractice judgements against doctors increase, more and more physicians are opting to set up asset protection trusts.

According to Deiderich Healthcare's 2015 Medical Malpractice Payout Analysis, total payouts increased by 1.68% to $3.95 billion last year.

Malpractice awards are expected to rise as this trend continues.

If your client is in a medical profession that has malpractice risks, then you need to begin a conversation with them about asset protection strategy.

Our new report Doctors in Jeopardy can help you and your client understand how to set up a trust to begin protecting assets.
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You'll learn the key questions to ask clients, such as...

  • What kind of risk is protected?
  • Once a claim is made, is it too late to setup a trust?
  • Which state is best for a domestic asset protection trust?
  • Does a doctor really need a trust?
  • What is a hybrid DAPT?

Asking such questions will assure your clients that you are fully knowledgeable about this new trend in asset protection planning. This will give your client clarity and the peace of mind that they can protect themselves and their families.

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