Bookkeeper Cons Sick WWII Hero Into Gifting Her $20M Estate

A NYC bookkeeper tricked a sick war hero into cutting his family out of his $20 million estate — and instead leave it to her, a new lawsuit alleges.

Anetta Klemens Klencner worked part-time for Sidney Cooper, who ran the profitable Williamsburg booze biz, Roebling Liquors, until he died on July 16, 2014 at age 89.

Cooper, a lifelong advocate for veterans who earned both a Purple Heart and Bronze Star in WWII, suffered from dementia prior to his death.

This left him vulnerable to Klencner’s alleged con, his family claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Thursday.

Klencner tricked Cooper into gifting the whopping fortune several months before his death.

“As Sidney Cooper became gradually more infirm and weaker, and unable to handle his affairs, Ms. Klencner, conversely, became increasingly manipulative and controlling of most aspects of his business and isolating him from his family," the suit claims.

Klencner, 38, did not return a phone call for comment Friday.


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