Billy Bush Gets Divorce Papers

Billy Bush's wife filed for divorce, according to TMZ

Sydney Davis filed legal documents to end the 20-year marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. 

The couple reportedly separated in September, nearly one year after the 46-year-old was fired from his anchor job at Today when audio recording surfaced of Bush laughing at offensive comments made by Donald Trump

Davis is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody of their two daughters, Lillie, 13, and Mary, 17. The publication also reports that Sydney will seek spousal support. 

Bush, who is a part of the political dynasty which includes two former US presidents, reportedly received a $10million settlement when he left Today.

Bush also had a very successful career as a showbiz journalist, but that all came crashing down in October 2016, when a video surfaced of one of his conversations with Donald Trump, in which the then-Apprentice host was heard using vulgar language speaking about women. 

Trump was heard bragging about how his celebrity status allows him to do 'anything' to women.

'You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful -- I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,' he boasted. 'And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.'

Bush could be heard laughing along and encouraging Trump in the 2005 video which reemerged during Trump's presidential campaign. 

Bush later apologized, saying he was 'embarrassed and ashamed', while Trump dismissed it as 'locker room banter', 

'I went through stages of grieving because I lost my career. For a man, that’s the ultimate degradation,' he told People, in an interview published Wednesday.

The scandal brought Bush's career as an entertainment journalist to an end, but that wasn't his rock bottom. 

A little less than a year later, he was hit with a second blow when Sydney decided to separate. 

'I was a happy-go-lucky guy,' Bush told the magazine. 'Everything is going great and I was like, "Hey, this is awesome!" And then, kaboom.' 

But he admits that they were struggling even before the scandal.

'We got married young and had our first child right away.'

In January, he still appeared hopeful that they may be able to repair their relationship, saying: 'We’re taking a step back. We get to explore and take our time. She’s been so awesome through everything. I love her very much.'

Sadly, his hopes were dashed for good when she filed for divorce this week.

Since losing his job, Bush says he's 'done some self-help work,' including reading the Bible every day and meditating. 

He's spent a lot of time thinking about his behavior in the P***ygate tape, which was recorded back in 2005, and he takes responsibility for the way he enabled Trump's derogatory speech.  

'There is a term for what I did,' he said. 'It’s called bystander abuse. It says by not doing anything you are endorsing the moment and adding to it. That moment was a product of me wanting to get through [the Trump interview]. To me his comments were so hypothetical and tasteless, I just laughed along.' 

He says the scandal has taken on new meaning for him with the #MeToo movement and as a father. 

'I have three daughters,' Bush said. 'They are going to be in the workplace one day. I want them to be paid equally, I want them to be treated well and when they walk out of a room I don’t want to ever hear anyone talking behind their back in a degrading way.'

In a way, he thinks that the scandal was meant to happen to him. 

'I had some growing up to do anyway in life,' he said. 'I did so much exploring and figuring out. I’m a deeper person. And I’m happy about using my knowledge for a good purpose.'   

Bush does not appear to be planning a return to journalism any time soon, but for now, is  focusing on Beach Whiskey, the liquor company he co-founded two years ago which includes the brand of vodka, American Harvest. 

According to Beach Whiskey, American Harvest is an 'American-made organic vodka, which merges the farm-to-bottle movement with the exploding craft spirits category.'


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