America’s Best TAMPs 2020 MidYear Sponsorship Guide

TAMPs 2020


One More Chance to Get Into America’s Best TAMPs 2020 

The industry’s leading guide on turnkey asset management programs has: 

  • Responsible for up to $6.2 billion in new assets annually

  • Produced over 40,000 qualified leads for sponsors

  • And gives sponsors 25 NEW advisor relationships each year! 

Previously, America’s Best TAMPs was limited to just 30 TAMPs. But the demand was so high coming into 2020, we’ve decided to create an “expanded edition” that will include a maximum of 10 more firms (up to 3 gold and 7 silver sponsorships in total). 

Due to the overflow, several of the slots are already in the process of being taken—and now only a few remain. But if you’re reading this, it means there is still time to: 

Build out your advisor pipeline; this is the key to continually expanding your business and adding more assets under management 

  • Be ranked alongside the most prestigious TAMPs in the world, including SEI, Assetmark, Envestnet and others 

  • And add lucrative new relationships and clients—that could result in hundreds of millions more invested with you in 2020 and beyond 

The deadline to been moved due to the COVID-19 disruption to May 30, 2020. To inquire about listing, please book a discovery below to receive the program benefits and qualifications to be included.


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About TAMPs

What is a TAMP? A TAMP or turnkey asset management program is typically a fee-account technology platform that advisers, broker-dealers, insurance companies, banks, law firms, and CPA firms can use to help oversee and optimize the return of their clients’ investments. TAMPs have become immensely popular with a broad spectrum of financial professionals – especially among asset managers looking to protect and build client account wealth in less time.

Tiburon Strategic Advisors, who has been researching TAMP growth since 1995, estimates that TAMPs held $8.1 trillion in assets under management and administration in 2018, in over 18.5 million accounts. Tiburon sees TAMP assets growing to $13 trillion by 2024 casting them as a mainstream growth opportunity amid placid 2019 market conditions. And with the rise in robo-advising, artificial intelligence and big data—this growth trend is only going to accelerate. 

Why are TAMPs experiencing historic growth? Because turnkey asset management programs free up these professionals’ time to focus on providing clients with higher levels of service. Instead of trying to learn sophisticated investment approaches, which often still underperform, advisors can focus on relationships. Things like account administration, billing, reporting and other mundane activities can be outsourced to TAMPs as well. Essentially, TAMPs empower financial professionals to focus on what they do best—while delegating asset management responsibilities to experts and platforms with far more resources and sophistication in those areas. 

About America’s Best TAMPs

America’s Best TAMPs is the ONLY resource in the industry with a trusted track record of ranking the nation’s top turnkey asset management providers. Its sponsors include many of the top TAMP providers in the nation, and all renew year-after-year, because of the considerable value inclusion in the guide brings. 

If you believe your TAMP can and should be rated as one of America’s best, then you don’t want to be left out of the 2020 edition of America’s Best TAMPs. With the boom in TAMP industry and many firms experiencing rapid growth, competition is more fierce than ever. Marketing is no longer an optional or backseat activity: it must be a prime consideration in your planning and budgeting. 

America’s Best TAMPs—with its considerable industry influence, audience and marketing program—gives you the highest possible ROI for your very modest sponsorship investment. 



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America’s Best TAMPs has generated up to thousands of leads and assets ANNUALLY for sponsors.

Participation in this “expanded edition” is limited to 40 sponsors, less than 10 remain. To secure one of the remaining spots, click the add to cart or “book discovery call” buttons below. 

*Estimate based on Wealth Advisor 2018 survey with sponsors



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8 Reasons to Be Featured in America’s Best TAMPS 2020:

Reason #1 - REINFORCE YOUR CREDIBILITY. America’s Best TAMPs is the industry’s most prestigious guide and only features the “who’s who” of turnkey asset management programs. When you’re included, the entire industry knows you’re one of the best. 

Reason #2 - GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS. The TAMP industry is not only competitive, but confusing to those without specialized knowledge. America’s Best TAMPs simplifies an otherwise complex sector, making clear recommendations for financial professionals so they can begin a win-win relationship with you.

Reason #3 - SHOWCASE YOUR PROFILE. With your 2020 sponsorship, you’ll receive a dedicated profile outlining your company’s history, leadership, contact information, offerings and more. All your essential information, available to top advisors, at a glance. 

Reason #4 - PASSIVE MARKETING ALL YEAR LONG. Most advertising comes and goes in a flash. But because this guide is so valuable to advisors, they continue to reference it throughout the year. Which means YOU continue to get in front of potential customers—over and over—throughout 2020. 

Reason #5 - NEW RELATIONSHIPS AND BUSINESS. Few things can save help a financial advisor more than working with a TAMP. And no other guide or resource has helped TAMPs just like yours connect with advisors, build relationships, and gain new business. 

Reason #6 - AMAZON DISTRIBUTION. In addition to reaching our expanded new audience of 270,000 financial professionals, your TAMP will be showcased in our printed editions, available for the first time on-demand through, including Amazon Kindle. This includes Amazon’s marketing program. Amazon is is the 3rd biggest search engine in the world. And on Amazon, America’s Best TAMPs comes up 1st for “best TAMPs” and 3rd for “TAMPs.” Your firm’s name will appear prominently in our Guide description, leading to even more awareness. 

Reason #7 - CFP CREDIT = HIGHER ENGAGEMENT. The information inside the America’s Best TAMPs Guide is so instructional and valuable, it was recently approved for CFP credit. Readers will be able to take a test and receive one-hour of credit, which will increase the audience, visibility and engagement for sponsors like you.  

Reason #8 - BOTTOM LINE: MORE LEADS AND REVENUE. Sponsors will be guaranteed to receive over 10,000 leads for 2020. At industry standard rates, that’s $90,000 in value. What’s more, the high quality of these leads directly translated into over $6.2 BILLION in new asset inflows for sponsors last year. Renewing or activating a new sponsorship is one of the best decisions you can make for your bottom line. 

The Best Way to Build a Lucrative Pipeline of Wealth Managers for Your TAMP

We’ve spent nearly a decade building, curating and engaging the perfect audience of financial advisory firms (and their top advisors). This ensures that your TAMP’s core message and differentiating features reach those who are most likely to become customers. Here is a bit more about our audience: 

Ideal Demographics

Geography: All America-based, top 1-3% income earners 

Sizable: Over 273,000 highly-responsive RIAs and financial advisors

Elite: Average AUM of $146 million+ (more than 2x the industry standard)

Ideal Psychographics 

Selective: (carefully consider important decisions, focus on long-term relationships)

Action-takers: (industry-leading open 18-25%, click-through 7-8% and conversion rates)

Buyers: (our advisors have generated over $6 billion in real business for TAMP sponsors)



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Our Current Sponsors

America’s Best TAMPs features most of the most turnkey asset management program providers in the world today. Here are some of our current sponsors:

current sponsors



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Program Cost $5,000

This is for TAMPs who want to maximize the value and ROI/financial impact of their placement. This includes new servings offerings that we’ve never made available to any sponsor before—plus the opportunity to lock in this charter discount pricing for as long you choose to remain a member. 


  • 7,500 guaranteed, pre-qualified leads—with multiple lead delivery options. 

  • 3 dedicated emails—to those who download the 2020 edition of America’s Best TAMPs 2020 from, to accelerate your sales process. 

  • Enhanced profile w/industry statement—include more of your marketing message PLUS feature a favorable statement about your firm. 

  • 4 concierge level introductions to any industry player or sales lead—at this level, we guarantee a minimum of four appointments with highly qualified prospects or key players who can help you. 

  • 100,000 digital copies distributed—heavy promotion to our audience of over 270,000 top RIAs and wealth managers, plus outside advertising, ensures your placement will be seen by over 100,000. 

  • Emblem certifying sponsor is one of America’s Best TAMPs in 2020. With permission to use this on printed materials, your website, social media, and anywhere you choose. 

  • 100,000 banner ROS banner impressions— to boost your exposure, build brand value, and drive traffic to a dedicated page of your choosing. 

  • CLOSING DEADLINE: May 30, 2020


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